A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome is a romantic comedy visual novel where you play a female creative writer in professional wrestling.

Your dream was to always become a professional wrestler. But after a bad leg injury that has hindered your mobility, you've decided to do the next best thing: become a creative writer for Next Generation Wrestling (NGW), a Liverpool wrestling promotion! You were excited to rocket wrestlers' careers to the moon and make them become legends in the industry. 

However, your boss, Ronnie, has possibly ruined any chance of that happening. Despite having a full team of certified writers, he takes control and tells them to write what he thinks is good. The fans are tuning out and the internet, to put it mildly,  hates your product. The luchador Zorro isn't getting over with the audience. everyone despises Slip, whose entire gimmick (character) revolves around loving bananas to the point that's all he ever talks about!

One day, the newest NGW title belt starts talking to you. He encourages you to change things and take control of the title feud between Zorro and Slip. Will you be able to turn things around and maybe find love along the way in the wacky world that's known as professional wrestling?

  • A customizable female MC!
    • There are over 20 skin tones to choose from and there's a vitiligo option as well!
    • 10 natural hair colors to choose from and even more when selecting from the dyed hair color options!
  • Accessibility options
    • Multiple font options (Default, OpenDyslexic, Atkinson Hyperlegible)
    • Self-voicing for those who are visually impaired
  • 4 fascinating romance interests (3 males, 1 female)
  • An original soundtrack
  • A wrestling podcast because there aren't enough of those!
  • A codex/glossary to explain all those wrestling terms, a helpful tool to those unfamiliar with the industry!

Project Lead, Main Writer: Kristi "HusbandoGoddess" Jimenez

Co-Writer, Artist, GUI Artist: Katy133

GUI Programmer & Character Creator: Forsaken Productions

Programmers: Kristi JimenezNighten, Cats on a Lilypad

Composer: JAE

QA Testing: PogoNR

Proofreaders/Editors: Nicole Mejias, Tina Ryu

Updated 6 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(15 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, Comedy, Cute, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Story Rich, wrestling
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)

Download demo

Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome Demo (Windows) 165 MB
Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome Demo (Mac) 149 MB
Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome Demo (Linux) 153 MB

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I had a lot of fun with the demo, this is a charming VN! I'm very interested to know the LIs better, really enjoyed the premise too why you need to approach the wrestlers. Also intrigued by masked characters like Zorro (hopefully we eventually get to see his face :D). Usually I'm not sure what to expect from a mascot character as a love interest like Newton but I tend to go for all routes regardless to see what the creator has in store. His belt sprite is very animated in a cute way though.

It's a relatable story where the heroine is stuck in a work situation where she has to decide whether she goes against her stubborn boss with the most terrible plans. There's still plenty of humour, which is appreciated that the VN is both serious and light-hearted. I love those type of stories that fully commit to a theme and setting with jargon to back it up, such as I know little about wrestling but it does not matter at all in terms of entertainment.

Extremely minor issue: the codex led to an exception when I clicked on it while it was still empty. Rollback brings me back to previous point so it's not some game-breaking bug.


I'm really glad you liked the game, Potato! And trust me, you'll see Zorro's face AND find out his real name in the full game. 😉

As for the bug, super sorry you encountered that! Glad it wasn't game-breaking though. Can you recall what word triggered that error to pop up?


Ah, that's really cool about Zorro! I really like all the LIs, so it's not only him I'm looking forward to. :)

Don't worry about it. The exception occurred when I clicked on the codex before I'm supposed to / when the game had not told me about the feature yet (I got a habit to click on available buttons on a screen to see what they do). 

NameError: name 'codexword_unlocked_number' is not defined

Gotcha, thank you! I'll let the programmer who did the codex know about the error. :)

what amazing demo very cute! uwu


Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


I was a rabid wrestling fan for most of my life, so seeing this made me so happy!

 Playing through it now and you all have done such a great job! I can really tell this is a labor of love and you guys genuinely care about making an engaging, funny, entertaining VN. The characters are super cute, the animations and GUI are super engaging and fun, and the writing is cute and relatable. I love that this is clearly written by a fellow wrestling fan, with all the jargon terms, but made accessible to those who are new to the genre as well.

All in all, super fun game and I can't wait to replay a few more times to see all the dialogue options. Keep up the great work team! Love this!! 🥰🥰🥰


Awww, thank you so much for your kind-hearted feedback. I'm really glad you liked the demo! <3


Really good so far !! Love all the characters (expect Ronnie ofc) Can't wait for more !! 


I'm glad you liked the demo, Crow! :D


Hello :) Amazing demo of your visual novel :)

I love the main character she is so cute :)

Art and background art are great, I like a lot that background with the ducks :)

Newton character is funny, I like it :)

Great job on everyone working on this visual novel :)


Thank you for playing, Anwynn! Super happy you enjoyed the game as well as Newton and our amazing ducks. 🦆💕


Woah its wrestler! This is the first time I've played with this genre. It was good


This looks AMAZING.


AHHH thank you Heiden! :D