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It's almost midnight at the Red Clover Tavern, and Kate unfortunately finds themselves working there tonight. Though, this is due to their own accord. After a co-worker called them in a panic, Kate couldn't say no. They didn't have the heart to turn down someone in need. But, they wish they did because now, they find themselves working a busy shift on a Saturday where they're hounded by customers nonstop. That is... until a pretty woman sits down in front of them.

This bright-eyed woman refuses to give out any information about herself, including her name. Yet there's just something about her that draws Kate in. Who is this woman? Can she make Kate's night into something memorable? And most importantly... Is this someone Kate can trust?

  • 12k words
  • 3 Endings
  •  4 CGs
  • Accessibility Options
    • Ability to change the in-game font (Default, Atkinson, OpenDyslexic)
    • Self-Voicing (Can be turned on in the options menu or by pressing V)
    • Image and Sound Captions
  • An original soundtrack
  • A one brain cell protagonist
  • A ton of easter eggs peppered in the background
  • A game that supports women's rights and wrongs

Intoxicating contains:

  • Blood
  • Death
  • Manipulation
  • Sexual content

Please be advised while playing, and take care of yourself.

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, dark-romance, Dating Sim, Lesbian, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Mystery, Romance, Yuri
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button


Intoxicating (Windows) 147 MB
Intoxicating (Mac) 152 MB
Intoxicating (Linux) 135 MB


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Ok 2 things

1. I absolutely loved this game. This level of gay flirting, what a treat!

2. I need Kate's shirt 


My gay heart pounding for kali

She's flattered.

>///< ehsbfsfshfvhdg


this is stunning! also kali is incredible ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Thank you so much for playing, npckc! :D Glad you enjoyed the game and Kali. <3


Very nice and sweet story. I wonder why the bad ending is... Well, a bad ending, looks more like a realistic ending to me actually xD

Also, I downloaded the game when it released, and noticed that Kate sprite besides the text is slightly floating, unsure if this was fixed already...

Now, I'II shameless leave this here and go on my way...


Thank you for playing and for catching that bug! I actually didn't notice that until you pointed it out. I just corrected it, so the latest build (and hopefully last) should have a grounded Kate in it. :)



It is extremely difficult to write games with flirtation interaction that involves the player.

The tonal shift from 'Player's character doesn't want to be at work' into a 'Player's character is vulnerable to be flirted with' came across a little disjointed.

Without the setup of character building, it feels like the player is meant to personally be won over with how the text is written rather than putting ourselves into the shoes of Kate and how she sees the world.

As a suggestion, it might be possible to lay out a little groundwork on the life of this Player Character (Kate) beforehand. Perhaps having us play through a few bar shifts? Understanding what it's like to be in the role, revealing bits of exposition, setting up plot hooks for Kate to have curiosity about the intimate nature of people; the player is then aware of the intended premise when the main antagonist arrives.

Final note: At the 'always playing it safe' dialogue, I really wanted to yell at the computer about how it's a choice based on defining ourselves in a chaotic world. Even the overly simplified good person / bad person narrative for how the world is, is part of this choice of defining self. heh. Ah well.

Thanks for making this game :)

(2 edits) (+1)

Thank you for your feedback, Poison. This was my first attempt at writing  a story where most of the interactions are flirtations, so I'm sorry that the game didn't quite hit the mark for you. I can see where you're coming from with your critiques, so I'll be keeping your feedback in mind for future titles, especially ones where I explore Kali and her character! :)


Thankfully I got the best ending during my first playthrough, so I'd like to think I managed to read Kali somewhat like she does with everyone.

With that said, this was a fun and delightful dose of dangerous lesbianism, which is exactly what I was after! What a great game for this particular jam. Kate is, obviously, adorable but still very capable of courting Kali, so she's obviously got experience. And a great shirt, the coolness of which surely helps in attracting other lesbians.

And Kali is delightfully ominous and dangerous, just as Kate says, giving the reader just enough for us to get a vague idea without spelling out anything concrete. She is very fun, and I enjoyed how... hard? it felt to actually get Kate to charm her. I played feeling like I was gonna make a wrong choice in dialogue at any point, but I'm glad I didn't, because that ending was very nice and bittersweet, just like I like them. 

Anyway, all to say this is a fantastic and very gay game and I'm super happy I got to play it. I'll follow you and definitely stay alert for anything else you might have for us in the future.


Nice one Kali! I am a big fan of assassin work (in video games).


I for one firmly support Women's Rights (and a few Wrongs to boot)-

Gosh the writing was so wonderfully charming, and it created a really interesting dynamic between the mysterious (and vaguely dangerous) Kali and the upfront and painfully earnest Kate...

And honestly everything we got to know about Kate, oh gosh... As the designated family member rendered incapable of saying no, I feel for them so much... Being in their head really enhanced the mystery of Kali, across the bar. And in an odd way the way the conversation choices influenced the endings felt real and earned and good! I enjoyed the flow of the story and the conversation a ton! I also came away still wondering about our mysterious customer, but I honestly love her as a mystery all in all!

Kate's blushing flustered expression is honestly such vibes, so earnestly wholesome-

This was so COOL!! First of all, the art and the GUI are GORGEOUS and the music is BEAUTIFUL, they make the experience so much more immersive!! 

 Kate is such a delight to play as and Kali is so mysterious and, well, INTOXICATING!! badam tss

The writing and general pacing of the story was really well done, it truly felt like a night at a bar chatting with a bartender while they make you a cocktail. Not to mention, apart from the very entertaining flirting between Kate and Kali, I love how deep their conversation was!! It really set the mood and reminded me of how a lot of people like going to bars not only for a drink but also for a good chat with the bartender~

Kate was super relatable to me, especially because I'm a recovering people pleaser. I hope they know that it's okay to be selfish sometimes and they don't have to sacrifice themselves for others. You got this, Kate!! 

The endings were all great!! I think the normal ending was my favorite, with the best ending being a close second. The bittersweetness to them made me a little sad, but I also found it endearing (especially in the normal ending).

Kali makes me SO CURIOUS and I'd love to learn more about her if there's ever a plan to have her appear in another game, hehe.

Amazing game, I loved it a lot!! <3 <3 <3 


AHHHH PRIIIIIII ILYYYYYYSM <3 <3 <3 ;~; Thank you so much for the kind words, really means a lot! I definitely plan on making more stories featuring Kali because she's such an interesting character that I had a fun time writing! :D

(1 edit) (+1)

Positively intox

Wait for it...

A really interesting story with a fun juxtaposition between the simple-minded, people pleasing, easily flustered MC Kate and the devilish femme fatale mystery woman at the bar.

The dialogue was intriguing, seductive, witty, and flirty, which matches well with the vibe from the game's name and aesthetics.  The game delved into surprisingly deep territory for a while, which was a pleasant surprise (even though the subject matter is potentially depressing ๐Ÿ˜”).  Also, I appreciate the nod/reference with the mystery woman's "name". ๐Ÿ˜‰

My only (relatively small) beef is that we don't actually get to see Creampuff, not even a small pic on Kate's phone. ๐Ÿ˜ฟ But art costs money, so I understand!

GORGEOUS graphics & UI, really expressive sprites, great use of camera work and ATL, the use sound effects was a nice touch — a cherry on top, if you will. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜Ž  Presentation-wise, you killed it!!

Overall, amazing job! ๐ŸŽ‰



AHHHH Seven, you're way too sweet! Thank you so much for playing. It's always a Kristi guarantee for my games to get depressing/emotional, though by how much always varies. XD

As for Creampuff, I apologize for the heartbreak! Maybe one day you'll see him... :3c


nice novel