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Unable to sleep, Seo-jun talks to his partner Iris about their relationship and how much he appreciates her. 

This game was created for O2A2 VN Jam 2023: Queer Edition. The jam limits developers to one sprite/background, one music track, one sound effect, and 1,000 words.


  • 999 words (5-8 minutes of playtime depending on reading speed)
  • An original music track
  • A cozy (and maybe emotional) story about relationships and asexuality
  • A very hot asexual (demisexual) man
  • Fully voiced (Voiced Edition Only)


Content Warning

A Late Night Convo contains experiences with acephobia and mentions of sex (not described or shown). Please proceed with caution and take care.

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Want More of Seo-jun and Iris?

Taking place before A Late Night Convo, First Skate is a winter-themed kinetic novel where Seo-jun and Iris go on their first date! Get to know about our soon-to-be couple and understand Seo-jun's insecurity about being demisexual and being intimate.

Updated 22 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(111 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tagsasexual, Cozy, Cute, Kinetic Novel, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Queer, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few minutes


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god i loveeeee this. awww

This is a very lovely short game about two partners communicating with one another, as well how it does show how Seo-jun is really safe and loved by Iris in this very short scene. As well how both voice actors did an amazing job during the performance

I really do adore the line of doing the bare minimum for relationship ( such as communicating, making sure the other is safe and comfortable) where it was those things that really shine through for Iris love for Seo-jun


I made an account just to say how DARE you make me cry at 11:56 at night. It is way too late for me to be crying this loud

this game was so cute . ahhhhhhhhhhh




Awwww, This is so sweet and nice. This game shows That Asexual people can still love, Just like Allosexual people do and not a lot of people realize that. Thank you for making people be aware of that!


Wow.. This game is truly amazing. Why i didn't find it sooner? 


What a beautiful game! I couldn't stop myself from crying! 10/10
(1 edit) (+1)

I'm sat here absolutely bawling my eyes out, I've never seen my feelings as a demisexual represented so well in anything and everything he said was too real man.
I love this so so much. 

Hi Espeon! Thank you so much for playing the game, I'm really glad that you love it! It means the world to hear that the game resonated with you, and I know what you mean when you feel not being represented, as an asexual myself. That's one of the reasons I made this game! 🥹💜 

I'm sorry for the tears!!! 🫂


the game is really cute!!! but im slightly confused ;;; so he's ace but he and iris still had sex? im kind of confused ;;;;


Hi! Yes, he and Iris do have sex, though not all the time and only when he wants to as he prefers other forms of showing his love. Seo-jun identifies as demisexual (an orientation under the asexual umbrella), a sexual orientation where he only experiences sexual attraction after forming a strong emotional bond with someone. This is hinted at when he mentions his ex, when he says that he didn't feel comfortable doing it with her so early on in their relationship.

Asexuality does not mean abstinence. Just because an asexual person doesn't experience sexual attraction to someone does not mean they won't engage in sex. It varies from person to person though. Hope that clears up the confusion!

ohhh ok! i get it now! i didnt realise demisexual was under the ace umbrella! thanks for explaining!

Damn, second VN tonight that really got me emotionally. While I'm not ace myself, I have some very close friends that are, and this made me think both of them, and how much doing what seems like the bare minimum to you can mean the world to your partner. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is a true work of art!


This was super cute <3

Thank you, Kimmi! <3


I made an account just to comment because this game made my big ace heart explode loved it! :)


Seo-jun is so cute, especially his grinning sprite, and I'm glad he's happy with Iris! I like the music a lot too.


Now, that was a sweet tale, it really made me smile to myself. I hope we can see more of those two in the future, as the comments hint at.


Aaaaaaafdaef, such an adorable game!! I'm asexual myself, and this is just, so fricking cute. Made me cry, but like, happy tears, anyhow, thanks for making this. It makes me feel happy <3


It’s such a cute game!!! I really liked it, made me emotional

Ahhh, thank you! :D <3

I loved this vn, wish it were a bit longer 

Thank you for playing! As for the length, that was due to the jam restrictions. HOWEVER! I definitely plan on making more stories featuring these two lovebirds in the future, and those should be longer than this game. :)


this is so precious... i love it so so much

I'm glad! :D Thank you so much for playing! 💕💕


Playing this short little game has touched my lil ace heart so SO much-

Glad to see other people here enjoying it to, ACE GANG RISE UP!!!




A very sweet conversation and a nice exploration of a relationship dynamic.


I'm ace! This game means a lot to me :)

Aces unite! *High five* I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and that it means a lot you! :D <3


that was cute... I'm Asexual myself and I know it's okay.

But still, it's nice to find games like this where there's no sexual attraction, hehehe

Thanks for playing! It was very nice and sincere ❤️

(1 edit) (+1)

So cuuutteeeee! As an aspec person I've so felt like Seo-jun before. Great little game

I'm really glad you liked it and that you connected with Seo-jun.  Thank you so much for playing! <3


good game, makes for a a BEAUTIFUL LETSPLAY THAT IMMERSED ME VERY MUSH INTO the love of Seo-Jun. thank you for sharing his story, he is in my heart and i won't be forgetting him for a long time. I like the piano music it is very impactful to the story and I hope you make more beautiful lovely stories :3 thank you!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the game. I hope Seo-jun stays rent free in your head for a long time. Lord knows he's been in mine. 🤣


i don’t personally consider myself ace, but still being a part of the queer community in other ways, i believe we all have a due diligence to learn more about our ace peers and listen to their experiences from a place of understanding, love, and acceptance so we can better support that facet of our community. like seo-jun says, not everyone gets it, but worse than that is that not everyone wants to get it, and that needs to change.

and this game is one of two that have personally taught me so much more about asexuality than i’ve ever stumbled upon before, and i am incredibly grateful that there are stories like this being shared for people like myself to play, listen to, and fully embrace with love and celebration.

it breaks my heart, to hear seo-jun’s dating history and experiences with sex being used as an expectance in his past relationships, and how his asexuality was deemed something broken that needed fixing, or that it otherwise somehow made seo-jun a boyfriend who didn’t love his partner. there's a human experience in there that i think is inherently relatable to many, but the added layer of his asexuality and how that must influence the internal experience of a situation like that makes for an incredibly emotional story and deeply sentimental understanding of that type of experience through seo-jun’s vulnerability.

my favourite line was iris, when she said that she was glad she could help seo-jun realize and accept that he’s normal. because he is, full stop. there is nothing abnormal or immoral or otherwise wrong about asexuality in any degree or form it may take in an individuals life, and there was something profoundly touching about iris explicitly communicating to her husband exactly that, that their relationship and her husband as an individual himself are both normal, just as much as anybody else they may know or meet.

wonderfully emotional experience from top to bottom, thank you for telling this story and allowing us to share in it with you. 🖤🤍💜🫂


This was such a sweet story, with a wonderful message! I think that the emotions are conveyed really well, and I love how open and communicative Seo-jun and Iris are with one another. There are so many little details, not just during the conversation itself, but also during their interactions before and after, that convey how considerate they are of each other. 

The art is absolutely lovely, and there is a wonderful variety in Seo-jun's expressions! And the GUI is very clean and looks wonderful! 


I don't know why but when I comment there is a problem I just wanted to tell you that I love this VN, it made me cry a lot but also gave me comfort, the characters felt so real and also touched a deep topic which I think some can relate like me, in that sense, thank you so much for existing and bringing out this story. Short but deeply moving.  Btw the soundtrack was on point! I hope you don't mind but what is the name? <3 

(1 edit)

Hi Gege! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, I'm really glad you loved the game and that you could relate to it. <3 :D

As for the music, it's actually an original track called Pillow Talk! The track isn't currently available, but it will be soon on the artist's Spotify! So, I recommend you follow her (or just bookmark the page) so you can be notified when the track goes live.


This was sooooo cute and emotional, amazing job. Really enjoyed playing through this. :)

Really happy you enjoyed it, Future! :D


Really cute!! I always have a soft spot for asexual games and stories because there just aren't many of them! Story got the point across and was cute to read. Art was adorable and there is so many details in the background! Very good job!


I'm writing this review with burning eyes. I felt so much compassion and happiness while playing this cute little Visual Novel.

It evoke so many emotions in me: happiness, anger, sadness, relief and joy. From the immersive  writing style to the music which complemented the story so much!

Even with the limit of just one CG you were able to make so much of it through camera effects and usage of the different emotion variations.

I am not asexual myself but it really helped getting better perspective of the struggles and life an asexual person might have! It makes me angry to see that people struggle just because they might have less - no interest in (sexual) intimacy and that they get treated "something inhumane". But it also made me very happy to see that he found somebody that makes him happy and accepts him for who he is and how he feels!

Thank you so much of sharing this glimpse of the life of Seo-jun and Iris with us! 💜

(Also: I really appreciated the video game references at the end haha!)


I don't usually comment much, but here goes: As an ace person who wrestles with a sense of brokenness and inadequacy pretty frequently, I'm so happy to see people talking about this and making games about this! I relate to Seo-jun so much: dealing with the people who don't get it and don't want to get it,  the people who tell me I am obligated to "see a doctor" to get my aceness fixed, just all of it. 

Maybe this is just a me issue, but there was one thing that kind of threw me off into a direction I'm sure you didn't intend. Near the latter half of the conversation, where Iris mentions things like "communicating during sex, aftercare" ... so I guess the two of them are having sex after all? I was assuming they weren't because it sounded like Seo-jun was (like me) generally uncomfortable with actually having sexual intercourse, even with a loved and trusted partner. 

I know there are plenty of ace people out there who are fine with having sex, but for someone like me, it kind of threw off a lot of the validation leading up to it by suggesting that this healthy, supportive relationship for an asexual person ... still has to have sex in it. Maybe I'm just over-sensitive, but as someone who regularly struggles to feel worthy of having a romantic partner when no amount of encouragement is ever going to make penetration feel safe or loving, I kind of whipped right back around into feeling terrible and unlovable again. Again, I know not all ace people are like me, but it might have helped to clarify Seo-jun's feelings on the subject a bit. Then maybe I wouldn't have identified with him so much, and gotten such whiplash at the end.

Okay I went on a lot about my own personal issues there, but I don't want to take away from the fact that I'm really grateful you made this! Even in media that tries to include queer representation, ace people get treated as throwaways or just forgotten so often and actually having something centered on ace experiences is AMAZING. Thank you.

TL:DR I'm possibly still unlovably ace but this game definitely isn't, Seo-jun and Iris deserve all the happiness in the world

(3 edits) (+1)

Thank you for playing! I'm very glad you enjoyed the game overall! It really means a lot hearing that, as an asexual person myself.

In terms of the story, I can understand where some of your confusion, concerns, and critques come from. Yes, Seo-jun and Iris do have sex, but it's at his discretion. If he doesn't feel comfortable, they won't have sex. If he ever gets uncomfortable during intimacy, they stop which is alluded to when they talk about communication. It's at his pace, etc. I think I could have elaborated on this better like you said. When I dive into Seo-jun's story in the future (and produce more ace content in general), I will be sure to make to make his feelings on sex more clear. Thank you for your feedback. :) 💜

However, I want to make this clear: just because you aren't able to fully relate to Seo-jun does not take away your validity of being asexual. You are incrediblly valid! If you want more ace stories, I strongly suggest browsing some of the VNs in the asexual tag. There are plenty of stories about asexuality with characters who I believe you may find a stronger connection with! (


Thanks so much for responding to my post! <3 <3 I really appreciate the clarification, and yes, overall I loved the game. I'm absolutely looking forward to more ace content from you in the future!! (Also I love that you've made romance and otome games because I'm actually a colossal romantic in my own ace way)

I was also not aware there was an asexual game tag, I played a few of the short ones and you were right, there are characters there I can totally relate to. Thank you for making me aware of this, I'm so used to ace people getting overlooked that I didn't realize there would actually be more than one or two games on the entire asexuality subject! Obviously I've got a lot of internalized aphobia I'm still wrestling with, but if I can see someone like me represented even in just one story, it's more meaningful than I can even explain.

Have a wonderful day or evening, whatever time you see this <3


This was really relatable, thanks for making this game 💜






ʕ⁠ ⁠ꈍ⁠ᴥ⁠ꈍ⁠ʔ


This was so sweet, I might have to come replay it some time later TT TT


This was really beautiful and validating. The relationship between Iris and Seo-jun gave me the warm fuzzies, and there is something stunningly gentle about the way their physical closeness is described. <3


very cute convo


This was so sweet and touching 🥹💕
I love that even though the game focuses on Seo-jun's struggles (ace struggles, in his case, but very relatable to the better part of the lgbt community, too), it's positive in its message: No, you're NOT broken. Yes, someone WILL love you. I think it's something a lot of us need to hear and I'm glad your game sends that bit of hope out into the world. ^^

Also, lovely art and GUI, too 💕



short but I have enjoyed it very much and it's nice to know there are others^^


Thank you so much for playing! :D




This made me really emotional, GOD. Ummm. Wow. Ummmm. That really affected me.

Let me try and compose myself... 😭

This was gorgeous??? Like. Everything about it. From the art. To the music. To the tone. To the writing. To the story. To the characters.

I enjoyed and was moved by this more than I am quite able to put into words right now. I think it was when Seo-jun started talking about his past partner that it really started to send me a bit. And then him talking about how different Iris was and how safe and loved she made him feel that just really pushed me over the edge.


Sometimes a person just needs to hear this.

Sometimes an ace person needs to hear this.

Repeated. A lot.

Because sometimes no matter how much we've gone through and how much confidence and courage we may have tried to regain, sometimes it's still just hard, you know??? And so like.

Hearing it.

Having stories like these.

Stories that make us feel like we're not broken.

That remind us that we're not broken.

So for a second we can forget all those times we were made to forget that.

They really matter so much.

Thank you for this beautiful story and experience 💕

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