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man i love chester, best husbando ever

I'm so glad to know that Chester is husbando-tier for you. :)


this has got to be one of my favorite romance games i've ever played! i've only played viscardi's route this is so good. the cg art is beautiful and i loved all the characters. chester was such a fun & loveable mc! 

not to mention the scene where chester talks about his a chronically ill person (not the same thing, but i have POTS, which funnily enough is also blood related), that scene really hit hard. to hear (or read, i guess) chester talk about how he feels like he's a burden and how he can't do anything because of being ill just...hit close to home. i honestly had to take a break from playing because i've never seen a character so relatable. it feels good to relate to someone, even if he's a silly 40 year old trapped in a house with vampires!

anyways, great art, great story, great characters! i'll definitely have to replay this sometime

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This has honestly been one of my favorites in the jam so far. I love all of the characters and love that y'all decided to make the MC an absolutely adorable 40-something with relatable problems. The writing was really well done and y'all got me laughing a couple times (which doesn't happen often so kudos :) ).The music really set the mood perfectly and the CGs were so sweet. I've only done one playthrough so far (got the poly ending!) but will definitely go back to collect some more. Thanks for making this. ^.^

Thank you for playing and I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game. Your kind words mean a lot to me! <3 :)